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Julian Assange and the War Against Journalism with Marjorie Cohn

The Man from Minsk with "Elaina"

Don't be a Regime-Change Dupe with Ben Norton

The Human Rights Industrial Complex with Dan Kovalik

The Good Republicans with Conor McNamara

Joe Biden 'Flakes' on Apartheid

Mathematics of a Coup - Part 2 with David Rosnick

Shadi Hamid's Lesson in Regime-Change Propaganda

The Purging of Jeremy Corbyn - The Truth

Mathematics of a Coup - Part 1 with David Rosnick

Joseph McCarthy, Red Scare and America

What to do next?

The Senate:Profoundly Undemocratic

Reigniting the Left with Jarvis Tyner

Political Art From Marie Antoinette To Ben Garrison with Eli Valley and Jason Katzenstein

The Obama Presidency: Empty Promises - Preview

The Obama Presidency:Empty Promises

Corporate Death Penalty

Africa Needs Monetary Sovereignty

Police State for Black & Brown People: Part 2

Beware of the Respectable Left

Dictatorship of the Bourgeois: Preemption Laws

Police State for Black & Brown People

The Lebanese Conundrum with Rania Khalek

Smallpox to Covid-19: the history of diseases with Dr. Michael Oldstone

Hiroshima - a Live Blog

Tom Cotton's Slave-Owning Ancestors

Caste Dismissed: Dalit Schooling in Colonial India with Dr Sumeet Mhaskar

Like Water for Capitalists

Separate & Unequal: American Education w Camille Walsh

Winston Churchill - The Early Years

Josephine Baker in Yugoslavia

Petty Tyrants with Roger Shuler

But, But, Who will Protect Us from Serial Killers?

Your Historical Question

The Story of Your Smartphone with Keith Spencer

A Monumental Coup

There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark with Torkil Lauesen

When the Looting Starts....

11th Hour not Midnight with Marianne Williamson

Trick Mirror: A Reflection on Mass-Deception

Did the Good Guys Win in 1776? w Gerald Horne

Demystifying Xinjiang and the Uighers with Carl Zha

Weekly Reader - Friday May 8, 2020

History of the Modern Police with Stuart Schrader

Tibet, China, and the Violent Reaction of a Wealthy Elite

Beer, Napalm & Hookers: Vietnam War & Hedonism with Meredith Lair

The Ghosts of Colonial Past

The Man, the Myth & Legend Of Joseph Stalin with Grover Furr

The Little House That Could

Paradox of Intimacy with Joseph M. Pierce

What is to be Done? 21st Century Edition with Ryan Mathis

Sneak Peak: Working Class Cartoons

Cause and Effect with Max Blumenthal

We, The Spiteful

Moderate Democrats are Losers

Anatomy of a Revolution - Part 2

Anatomy of a Revolution - Part 1

Michael Bloomberg: Disdain for Democracy

Love in the Time of Liberalism with Harvey Kaye

Racism by Design

Stephen Miller's Mythology with Michael Hayden

Bloomberg - A Sneak Peek

Big Structural Adjustments with Fadhel Kaboub

Debunking Traditional Economics Arguments Against Rent Control

And The Saga Continues.. With William Ian Miller

The Cuban Cartel

The Red Flag Is Flying Here with MP Chris Williamson