Don't be a Regime-Change Dupe with Ben Norton

Don't be a Regime-Change Dupe with Ben Norton


I feel like it is ground-hog day. The American left keeps falling fo the same old regime change propaganda over and over! Today, Ben Norton from the Grayzone joins us to talk about how not to be a regime-change dupe

All of these refer to regime-change propaganda used by official US Sources

Show Notes

1:00 - What is the first sign of a regime-change effort by the US?

4:45 - Why do some protests get covered and not others?

7:30- TV Shows, Movies and entertainment is also propaganda

8:00 - How Esha fell victim to propaganda too!

14:29 - Anti-DPRK propaganda apparatus

“Economics Departments are barren wastelands of Koch Bros propaganda” - Benjamin Norton

16:00 - How US Media is like human centipede!

17:00 - Ortega’s Alleged Death

18:00 - Nat-Sec propaganda in Academia

20:00 - Dissidents are not value neutral

21:00 - Liberalism is a right-wing ideology

23:00 - Racism an ideology that is spawned from imperialism

25:00 - Democrats are more effective imperialists

26:00 - Internal politics within Nicaragua

33:00 - Blue-Brown Alliance: Liberal Fascist alliance

41:00 - Socialist International Expose

43:00 - Fascist Founding Member of NATO

Walter Hallstein with Adolf Hitler

45:00 - “Authoritarianism” is a propaganda term

55:00 - Being an active anti-imperialist!

58:00 - Fascism in Asia looks different than Europe

59:00 - “Listen to Bolivians”, why Ben disagrees with Standpoint epistemology.

1:00:00 - Liberal Fascism

1:11:00 - Freedom for the Bourgeoise

1:13:00 - We both recommend Lenin.

You can find Ben Norton at the Grayzone and his podcast Moderate Rebels

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