Immoderate Rebels with Vanessa Beeley

Immoderate Rebels with Vanessa Beeley

What the western Media won't tell you

It started with protests that was dubbed the Arab Spring, but western sources wants us to believe that protests over housing prices spontaneously erupted into a full-blown civil war. But, this is not the case. In fact, the so-called “moderate rebels” of Syria were armed, trained and funded by the west in a grandmaster plan to destabilize Syria in order to access its natural resources. Today, veteran journalist Vanessa Beeley, who has spent the better part of the last 8 years in Syria, tells us the story that they won’t tell you.

Show Notes:

2:24 - Syria Solidarity Network

3:43 - Wikipedia Vandalism

5:15 - The Syrian Regime Change Coalition

6:15 - Propaganda War in Syria

7:57 - Accusation of Crimes against White Helmets

11:00 - Syrian Pipeline propositions that was rejected

17:01 - A big red flag - No Christmas in areas controlled by “Moderate Rebels”

22:13 - Early Protests with Hate

24:21 - “Smuggle Hope” in Syria

31:02 - Rebranding “rebel groups”

The Syrian Equation with Andrea Glioti
Listen now (48 min) | Composed of multiple sides and a multitude of armed factions, the Syrian civil war has consistently defied attempts at easy summary. It’s also been the subject of an intense propaganda campaign by the American government, various think tanks, and media organizations. So...if you’re having trouble making sense of it all, you’re not alone…
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37: 00 - White Helmets

KLA Organ Trafficking

40:00 - Crimes by Moderate Rebels

45:45 - Western Media narratives turned upside down

48:00 - White Helmets and organ trafficking

UN panel on White Helmets

58:21 - Al Qaeda oil Monopoly

1:15:21 - Amnesty in Syria

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