Blindingly Unjust with Christopher Dilworth - Part 2

Blindingly Unjust with Christopher Dilworth - Part 2

On Part 2 of Blindingly Unjust, we look at the way the law, public relations, the media interact with each other in order to manufacture consent. We start by examining the kid-gloves in which Sam-Bankman Fried is treated with and then we move on to examine the larger power structures that allows impunity for some and imprisonment for others.

Show Notes

0:50 - Sam Bankman-Fried Scandal

1:30 - Elizabeth Holmes

2:00 - Sam Bankman-Fried admits to running a Ponzi Scheme

10:36 - Coordinated Pump and Dump

12:42 - FTX’s backdoor: The exchange is supposed to be a safe that cannot cracked, but FTX figured out how to “crack” the safe.

14:19 - FTX being embedded with politicians and appearing with Zelensky

15:13 - Old lady being in jail over Christmas

The Punishment Bureaucracy with Alec Karakatsanis
Listen now (47 min) | Today we interview Alec Karakatsanis from the Civil Rights Corps to talk about his most recent book “Usual Cruelty.” Alec talks to us about the inhuman violations and degradations in the American prison system that occurs because of a blend of capitalism and a harsh “tough on crime” culture…
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16:38 - Prosecutorial power

17:30 - Arrested over “a 1000-yard stare”: Racial discrimination where a black person was sitting outside.

19:15 - Prosecutor’s office and Police are extremely comingled which is why we cannot get a single conviction

20:50 - The limits of Law - it is an expression of societal power.

23:12 - Bush Vs Gore and Legal fiction

25:42 - The same power circle within the USA

27:38 - China’s meritocracy

30:22 - The way China works vs the Way the USA works

32:50 - Who owns BMW

36:15 - Media driven blood-lust

38:15 - Korean War Posters

43:17 - Who the us fights a war with..

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