Dec 30, 2020 • 33M

Julian Assange and the War Against Journalism with Marjorie Cohn

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Robert Granniss
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Today, Marjorie Cohn joins us from the Defend Assange legal team to talk about Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the unjust prosecution.

1:00 - Why does US have jurisdiction over espionage?

3:00 - Collateral Murder

5:00 - Why the Obama administration didn’t prosecute Assange?

7:00 - Why is there a corporate media blackout?

12:00 - Questions with Podesta Emails and Wikileaks?

14:00 - Waiver of Death Penalty

19:00 - President Trump’s potential actions: Dismiss the indictment

22:40 - Effects on the National Security State

25:00 - Guantanamo Bay and Wikileaks


Assange Defense

Marjorie Cohn on “The Meaning of Assange’s Prosecution

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