Winston Churchill - The Early Years

Winston Churchill - The Early Years

In this episode with David Lough:

Winston Churchill was a product of late 19th century British aristocracy. Today, we learn about the habits, practices, finances of the aristocracy and what propelled Winston Churchill to the Parliament.

Show Notes:

  • 1:00 - David Lough discusses what motivated him to write his books.

  • 4:50 - Life of 19th Century aristocracy in Britain

  • 6:45 - History of Winston Churchill’s Father’s side

  • 12:01 - History of Winston Churchill’s American side

  • 19:26 - Marriage settlements in the 19th century

  • 22:07 - Lord Randolph’s career as a Tory MP

  • 24:07 - Mechanics of how mining expeditions worked

  • 29:00 - Lord Randolph’s luck in the mining business

  • 31:39 - Winston Churchill’s inheritance

  • 32:37 - Winston Churchill’s schooling

  • 36:07 - Winston Churchill’s time as an officer

  • 43:56 - Winston Churchill’s career as a war correspondent

  • 48:08- How Winston Churchill became an MP

  • 53:00 - Winston Churchill upgrading the Navy

  • 59:00 - We discuss David Lough’s next project: Wealth of the Royal Family

David Lough won an open history scholarship to Oxford University where he gained a first class degree.  He founded and ran a private banking business that advises prominent British families on their investments, tax affairs and estate planning. 

Following the business’s sale, David has returned to history, using the experience gained in his career to research the untold story of Winston Churchill’s precarious personal finances.  

David is a trustee of the London Library and of the UK National Archives Trust. lives with his wife in Kent, England and has five adult children and nine grandchildren. 

His books are available here

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