The Lebanese Conundrum with Rania Khalek

The Lebanese Conundrum with Rania Khalek

Many of you may have heard about the explosion in Beirut’s port last week. After the port, many people protested, but suddenly it looks like the protests are being co-opted by foreign forces with different agendas. Today, Rania Khalek talks to us about the brief history of Lebanon, the unique factionalism within the government. Finally, we talk about who the key players are and what the key interests are. We also learn about Lebanon’s economy and how the Syrian war is affecting Lebanon. At the end, we have some fun regarding various online personalities and Rania Khalek’s own experience with “getting cancelled”



01:25 - Brief synopsis of recent Lebanese history?

11:00 - What is Hezbollah

17:00 - Saad Hariri’s bizarre 2017 resignation

20:34 - Lebanon’s Color Revolution

26:11- Explosion Shadiness and theorizing

33:00 - Covid-19 in Lebanon

36:00 - How Rania got Cancelled for Syria and No one Cared

37:00 - Oz Katerji and his Bizarre Excuses

This is the child that Oz Katerji alleged that had a “genetic aging disorder”

44:57: Lebanon Garbage Crisis

46:00 -Tulsi Gabbard, MSNBC and Assadist

51:00 - Assad and his Voice

55:00 - Rania getting Deplatformed and her “free speech” being curtailed

1:00:00 - Why are leftists, so often, regime-change dupes?

About Rania

Rania Khalek is an independent journalist living in Beirut, Lebanon. She is the co-host of the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast with Kevin Gosztola. You can find it on Patreon, Apple or Spotify. You can find her on twitter.

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