The Good Republicans with Conor McNamara

The Good Republicans with Conor McNamara

This week, while the media is rehabilitating establishment Republicans, we take a walk through history to learn about the “good Republicans” or the Irish Republicans. We have author Conor McNamara, Author of Liam Mellows, Soldier of the Irish Republic, to talk about colonization, Irish fight for independence and the state of Ireland today!

00:59 - First invaders for Ireland

2:20 - The distinct Ethnic Groups Ireland

3:14 - The Great Famine of the 1840s

4:00 - Why Ireland is a divided?

5:34 - “The Irish Revolution”

7:00 - Ireland and World War I

8:18 - Irish Volunteer Militia and the bloody crackdown

11:00 - Sein Fein

12:00 - What is an Irish Republican?

16:00 - Easter Week Massacre

18:00 - Irish American support for Ireland

20:00 - Woodrow Wilson’s Betrayal of Irish Independence

22:00 - The Irish War of Independence

24:00 - Divide between Irish Americans and Irish

26:00 - Black and Tans and their Reprisals

Photo of Cork after the Black and Tans Burned it to the Ground

30:00 - The Song called Black and Tans

34:00 - Anglo-Irish Treaty

35:00 - The Irish Civil War between Moderates and the Republics

40:00 - Execution of the more militant rebels.

42:00 - Liam Mellows funeral

44:00 - Partition of Ireland

46:00 - The Border has gotten stronger

49:00 - The legacy of silence

53:00 - English Nationalism, Brexit and Re-unification of Ireland

56:00 - Failures of Irish Republicans

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