Sep 23, 2020 • 1HR 6M

Political Art From Marie Antoinette To Ben Garrison with Eli Valley and Jason Katzenstein

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You are listening to a show where we decolonize history and debunk myths taught in school and on corporate media.
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1:00 - What is Political Cartooning?

3:11 - Evolution of Political Cartooning to “hackwork.” Political art gets point across better than the editorial format.

Paul Conrad & Israel

8:00 Marie Antoinette Cartoons from the French Revolution

9:36 - Tijuana Bible -

10:00 - What do Simon Bolivar, Gandhi and Sarah Palin have in common? Porn

21:00 - Eli’s Drama with Megan McCain

23:00 - What is Diaspora Boy? -

25:00 - New Yorker Cartoons -

  • Jason explains his role in the New Yorker.

36:00 - Jerry Seinfeld

38:00 - Hamilton - Jason’s Live Drawing

40:10: Hunger and Revolt Drawings

  • Upton Sinclair’s Donkey

Handshake Meme


Original Racist Thanks Giving Cartoon

Edited Cartoon

51:00 - Ben Garrison Cartoons

Stefan Molyneux is a cult

Eli Valley’s Book: Diaspora Boy

Jason Katzenstein’s twitter

Jason’s new book