Sitemap - 2019 -

Whistleblower Witch Hunt with John Kiriakou

Orwellian Propaganda on 1984

Presidential Series

The Chagos Conspiracy with Stefan Donnelly

Phantom Pirates of the Falkland Islands

Requiem for Obamaism with Corey Robin

The Economy of Evil

History of the IMF with Michael Fellman

The Three-Decade Long War... You Never Heard About

Topics for 2020

Don't Spread Myths During Thanksgiving

The Failsons of America with Matt Christman

OAS Involvement in Bolivia Precipitated The Coup

Short History of The Internet Right with Michael Hayden

Evo Morales, Camacho and the Coup in Bolivia


The Syrian Equation with Andrea Glioti

Money, Power and Politics with Miguel Arjona Sanchez

A People's History of Jonestown with Fielding McGehee

What is Communism? - Hilarious Compilation

Death Panels and #DannyStrong with Scott DesNoyers

Palestine with Dr. James Zogby

The Retirement Heist With (the non-dead & Non-pedophile) Jeffrey Epstein

Katrina: A Manmade Storm with Greg Palast

Bret Stephens, the Bed Bug and WW2

Holocaust Denial - Funded by the Kochs

The Legacy of Juan Perón with Ernesto Semán

Katrina: The Purge (except in Real Life)

Vampires and Jeffrey Epstein

Empire of Borders with Todd Miller

Confessions of a Border Patrol Agent with Jenn Budd

The Police Beating that Opened America’s Eyes to Jim Crow’s Brutality

How to Revolt and Succeed with Keith Errol

Are We Monsters?

Judge, Jury & Executioner with Brian Mier

Who Shot JFK? Part 2 with Mal Hyman

Who are We Celebrating on July 4?

Don't Forget the ICE Camps

Serbian Feminists of 1900s

The Democratic Dysfunction with Ryan Grim

The Butterfly Effect, the Borg and Obama

Iran: Imperial Vengeance with Gareth Porter

A Ukrainian Nazi Memorial in New Jersey

The Liberty Bonds: The Seeds of the 1929 Crash

Walt Disney and the FBI

The JFK Assassination with Mal Hyman

History of Eric Holder

The Death of Manufacturing w. Benjamin Studebaker

Rising From the Embers of the Contras

Neoliberal History of Croatia with Katarina Peovic

The Other Massacre in Columbine

Misinterpreting Huey Long with Moshik Temkin

Soldiers of the Empire

The Pentagon Papers with Sen. Mike Gravel

One Hundred Years of Corporate Crimes in Colombia with Dan Kovalik

NATO: Government by Organized Mob

CDOs on Slaves

United States of Atrocities in Puerto Rico

Meet the Real-Life Batman:Jørgen Haagen Schmith

The Coal Miners' Revolt in Tennessee

Why The Left Needs History

El Mozote - A Quick Refresher

"Foreign Aid" to 3 Mexican Countries

Our Raison D'Etre

Dos Erres - A Massacre

Dag Hammarskjöld and the Red, White and Blue Menace

No Sane Person Should Support Juan Guaidó - part 3

Debunking all the Anti-Venezuela Talking Points - Part 2

Debunking all the Anti-Venezuela Talking Points

White Slavery Children: Abolitionists Weaponizing Identity w. Mary Mitchell

Saddam Hussein's Letter to an American

Worker Revolts: From Pyramid Shut-ins to Bombing Westminister

Ep 24: History of Neocons and their blueprints for Armageddon

Ep 23-The History of the Invisible Afro-Venezuelans w Jeanette Charles

Ep 22: The True Story Behind the Magnitsky Act w Andrei Nekrasov

Ep 21: Neoliberalism, A History of How the SuperRich Stole Democracy w Doug Henwood

Ep 20: If You Like Socialism, Look at Venezuela

Ep 19: Ukrainian Nazis and Their CIA Collaborators

Ep 17: Democrats, DNA and The Cherokee Nation