Oct 26, 2019 • 59M

Money, Power and Politics with Miguel Arjona Sanchez

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People have always thought that money is a mere tool for facilitating exchange. But, they don’t realize that money itself is a tool of power and money creates social relationships. The way a government uses and defines money creates inequality and class, poverty and misery.

For example, if we look at the Greek Debt Crisis, the Euro wasn’t a neutral tool. Rather, the Euro created a stringent set of rules and these rules were broken on behalf of the bankers during the world financial crisis in 2008. However, these rules were forced upon Greece and a political choice was made: it was more important for bankers to recoup their profits than for the people of Greece to get basic necessities.

Time and time again, money has been used as a political tool and is not neutral.

Today, Miguel Arjona Sanchez, a professor at the University of Spain in Grenada joins us to discuss the political history of money and the constitution.

Miguel Arjona Sanchez is a professor at the University of Spain in Grenada. His research is on the politics of money and the constitutionality of money. He can be found on twitter

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