Nov 4, 2019 • 48M

The Syrian Equation with Andrea Glioti

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You are listening to a show where we decolonize history and debunk myths taught in school and on corporate media.
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Composed of multiple sides and a multitude of armed factions, the Syrian civil war has consistently defied attempts at easy summary. It’s also been the subject of an intense propaganda campaign by the American government, various think tanks, and media organizations. So...if you’re having trouble making sense of it all, you’re not alone.

Today we speak with Andrea Glioti, a freelance journalist who has covered the Middle East for the past decade. He takes us through the timeline of the Syrian civil war—from the initial uprising to current events, debunks commonly held myths about the conflict, and sheds light on the politics of Rojava.

His work can be found on @BBCWorld and @AJENews.

Read his article about the Libertarian Myth of the Rojava (Article from 2016)