The Nation of Islamic Republic of Iran with Setareh Sadeqi

The Nation of Islamic Republic of Iran with Setareh Sadeqi

Learn about the history between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Nation of Islam

When most people think of the Nation of Islam, a black liberation movement started by Elijah Mohammed, they do not think of Iran. Conversely, when they think of Iran, they do not think of black liberation movements. Today, we have Setareh Sadeqi here to talk to us about the history of the Nation of Islam and how it is tied with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Show notes:

1:41 - The Storming of the US Embassy in 1979 and Ayatollah Khomeini’s orders to free all Black Americans and women held hostage

3:10 - The Shah of Iran and his Yesmen

6:14 - Iranian Constitution and the Duty towards the oppressed

14:40 - Addressing Critiques of the Nation of Islam

18:14 - Similarities between Khomeini’s ideals and Hindu belief in Karma

24:18 - Nation of Islam and the Assassination of Malcolm X

30:14 - The Nation of Islam and controversies regarding Anti-semitism

33:16 - Genocidal speech by US politicians against Iran

34:50 - Hilarious Promo by Robert rifting on Patrick Liller

37:31 - Other misconceptions about the Nation of Islam

45:13 - Nation of Islam evolution between 1960s-1970s

51:29 - Rhetoric of Nation of Islam

54:39 - The common enemy between Nation of Islam and Iran:

58:27 - US nuclear discussion with the Shah

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