Looking forward to this, but I just finished listening to a long Paul Jay interview with Larry Wilkerson. I don't agree with a lot of stuff they said, but Wilkerson, who is no lefty, made some pretty extraordinarily frank statements. One of Wilkerson's claims that I objected to was that the Shah was in the process of modernizing Iran, but the US undermined his ability to do that by persuading the Saudis to not increase oil prices (27:25):


Wilkerson's bottom line is that only the American people have the power to end US imperialism, but we won't. I think it's pretty weird and ugly how PMCs like Wilkerson and Krystal Ball have made statements that blame workers for allowing the elite to abuse and remain in power, like we deserve whatever we get because we tolerate it... Anyway, overall Jay's interview was worth watching, considering most of the junk on YT (which has banned Jay!)

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God is the original "big lie" I don't understand why we give any attention at all to what fundamentalists say.

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