The Allies Plot to Kill Lenin with Barnes Carr

The Allies Plot to Kill Lenin with Barnes Carr


It is a story of intrigue, espionage and double-dealing. Today, we have Barnes Carr, author of The Lenin Plot here to discuss his intriguing, fast-paced book and the historical plot by the allies to assassinate V.I. Lenin

2:15 - Barnes’ research in pre-internet days involving the London Times’ Bound Volumes

5:30 - US plot to install a military dictatorship in Russia to bring the country back into World War 1

6:30 - Money laundering plot by Britain & France to try to coup the Bolsheviks

7:19 - Plot with the Cossack Generals

8:20 - USA, Italy and Britain attempt to invade Russia.

9:00 - USA, Britain and French Diplomats plot of assassinate Lenin

11:00 - The Allies find a Mole

14:00 - The British Assassin goes to Russia

15:50 - Raymond Robbins tried to get back into the war: contacted Lenin

16:00 - Alleged German involvement with Bolsheviks

16:50 - Kerenski Documents were forgeries

20:00 - Mutiny by American forces

23:00 - Trotsky refuses to annihilate the British, French and US

25:00 - Lenin was shot by Allies in 1918

27:00 - How it failed

Part 2: Barnes’ Carrs Career moments in Journalism

28:00 - British tabloid journalism and its influence

31:00 - Death of investigative journalism

35:00 - Readership vs Circulation

38:00 - How Barnes Carr almost got assassinated by the KKK

40:00 - The Boston Strangler

43:00 - Barnes Carr covering MLK’s assassination

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