Jul 7, 2019 • 48M

Who Shot JFK? Part 2 with Mal Hyman

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As Kennedy aide and historian Arthur Schlesinger declared,"we were at war with the national security people."  JFK was planning to withdraw combat troops from Vietnam, he proposed a joint space shot with the Soviets, he stopped nuclear testing above ground and was moving to ban all nuclear testing, he was trying to control the CIA, he was exploring diplomacy with Cuba, he pushed through the Alliance for Progress, he was influencing conditions on World Bank loans, he was vigorously prosecuting the mafia, he was pushing to end the oil depletion allowance, he pressed to close 77 military bases and would have retired J. Edgar Hoover.  All of that changed after his death.

Who really killed JFK and why?

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Mal Hyman has taught for 42 years in public schools, a medium security prison, and at Coker College as a professor of sociology.  He has done human rights work in eight countries, monitored foreign elections with the UN, and was the Democratic candidate for the US Congress in SC 7th.  He is exploring another run for Congress.