Who is Robin Hood with Bob White

Who is Robin Hood with Bob White

Not all heroes wear capes. Robin Hood is one of them. In this episode, Bob White from the Robin Hood Society joins us to talk about the hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor in feudal England. We trace his evolution from his first appearance to the worldwide fame of Robin Hood.

Show Notes

2:30-6:04 - Sherwood Forest & Robin Hood of Nottingham 

6:04-7:50 - Robin Hood in literature

7:50-10:39 - Who was “the real Robin Hood”?

10:39-14:45 - Robin Hood as the Olde English sense of justice

14:45-18:55 - Pop-culture and Hollywood: Do they do the hero justice?

18:55-21:30 - Suspected gravesites of the real Robin Hood 

24:45-26:10 - The Sheriff of Nottingham 

26:10-29:20 Nottingham Today

29:20-38:45 - Labour and the Nottingham castle 

38:45-44:08 - “The Legacy of a Folk Hero”

Let us know what you think about the legacy of the real Robin Hood?

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