Walking to Vietnam with Luna Oi

Walking to Vietnam with Luna Oi

Would you walk 5000 miles and 5000 more? Learn about Ho Chi Min walking to Vietnam and more

Would you walk 5000 miles and 5000 miles more for a free Vietnam? Well, Ho Chi Minh walked all the way from China to Vietnam in the 1940s. Today, we have popular Youtuber Luna Oi join us to talk about the history of Vietnam from Colonization to Liberation

Show notes

1:40 - Luna introduces herself

2:20 - France Colonizing Vietnam

3:00 - Comparing who looted the most British vs French and the word “loot”

5:50 - Rubber exploitation in Vietnam

8:00 - Ho Chi Minh and “The Path which led him to Lenin”

11:00 - American historians who misquote Ho Chi Minh

23:00 - The name “Ho Chi Minh”

24:40 - Ho Chi Minh’s walk back home

25:45 - Vietnam after WW2

30:00 - The King and Vietnam

35:00 - Ngo Dinh Diem - Vietnam’s Guaido

45:00 - Hear the romantic story of how Luna’s mom and dad met (again involves a walk of a proverbial thousand miles)

54:43 - When did US Start bombing Vietnam?

1:03:00 - Tet Offensive

Watch Colin Powell’s own Confession on his crimes in Vietnam

Ears for Beers

1:08:00 - Vo Thi Thang

1:10:00 - Debunking the “Vietnamese Victims of Communism” myths

1:13:00 - Christmas Bombing

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