Ukraine: A Choreographed Coup with Igor Lopatonok

Ukraine: A Choreographed Coup with Igor Lopatonok

Today, we interview the director of the documentary Ukraine on Fire about the true story of Ukraine.

While mainstream media is running a propaganda Blitz on Ukraine, where they seem to frame it as “Russian aggression” against Ukrainians, Ukraine was already invaded 8 years ago. The movie Ukraine on Fire goes through the armed coup, planned at the US Embassy with then Under Secretary Victoria Nuland, where they picked the leaders, and the army and launched the country into an eight-year-long civil-war with the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Today, we interview Igor Lopatonok, the director of this amazing documentary.

0:54 - Igor introduces himself.

1:00 - Censorship of “Ukraine on Fire”

2:35: Old Soviet films into color

5:00 - Igor was banned in Ukraine.

6:22 - The TV network was hit by grenade

9:43 - Victor Yushchenko and the Orange Revolution

12:07 - Brief history of Ukraine

13:15 - How Ukraine United With Russia in 1654

15:25 - Stepan Bandera and his Mythology

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17:24 - “Subhuman” and other horrific comments by the leadership.

17:41 - Poroshenko Speech

18:06 - Ukraine suffering for 8 years

19:20 - Taking down Lenin Statues

19:54 - Ukraine becoming a client state

20:55 - Victoria Nyland and Geoffrey Pyatt

Victoria Nuland handing out “Maidan Cookies”

21:33 - Why did the US dislike Yanukovich? The trade Deals

25:00 - Mechanics of a coup: “Civil Society”

27:00 - How did the organizers of Maidan get people to come to protest?

29:00 - So how do they choreograph a coup?

30:00 - The west’s constructed reality about Ukraine

36:07 - Igor’s optimism about American People’s critical thinking skills is tempered by Esha’s pessimism.

37:00 - The Scientific truth about Maidan

38:00 - Victoria Nuland’s organizing Maidan

40:00 - Temporary President during the coup

41:00 - Obama Sanctioning Ukrainians for Sovereignty

45:00 - Script for a coup-change

48:00 - US Senators in agitating Maidan

Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy With Oleg Tyahnybok in Kiev

49:00 - Ukrainians training other color revolutionaries

50:00 - Difference between what Yanukovich vs Tokayev’s actions that led to different outcomes.

52:00 - Sanctions …. the Wife of Medvedychek

53:00 - Violence we haven’t heard about for 8 years (From the Ukrainian Government and their paramilitaries)

55:00 - Sanctions working?

1:01:01 - India, China and Pakistan

1:03:01 - Where to find all the documentary Ukraine on Fire

The documentary is currently available on a number of platforms, including Apple TV Vimeo, Amazon and Rumble

You can find Igor The documentary is currently available on a number of platforms, including Apple TV Vimeo, Amazon and Rumble

You can find Igor Lopatonok on twitter.

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