There and Baku Again with Mammad Azizov

There and Baku Again with Mammad Azizov

A Materialist Analysis of Azerbaijani history

In the west, we see much concern trolling about “pro-Democracy dissidents” who are allegedly “mistreated” in countries Russia and Iran. However, we hear little about the country that lies in between Russia and Iran, which not unlike Lithuania, is being run by a single family: The Aliyevs.

Today,We have Mammad Azizov, a former political prisoner from Azerbaijan and current editor at Ishchinin Sesi (Worker's Voice) platform talk to us about the 200 year history of his country.

Show Notes

00:00:30 - The Basics about Azerbaijan

00:01:55 - The Height of Azerbaijan’s President and how he is the tallest leader in the world.

00:02:30 - Azerbaijan under the Tsar

00:08:48 - The Baku Massacre and the Valentine’s day vow of love between Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Georgians

00:12:40 - Otkober revolution in Baku and the British attempted coup

00:20:20 - How the British and Americans tried to restore feudalism

00:36:00 - The Baku Industrial Music Concert in 1922

00:40:25 - Why Hitler wanted Baku? World War 2 in Azerbaijan and how the worker’s helped defeat Hitler.

00:50:17 - Why Krushchev was mistaken on his co-existence with Capitalism. How life would be different if JFK was not shot.

00:55:00 - Fall of the USSR, the Shock Doctrine and Capitalism

1:02:00 - The Dutch Disease and Oil

1:05:30 - The Conflict with Armenia and who is behind it?

1:12:00 - Impoverishment, deindustrialization and corruption

1:25:00 - What it to be done and what is to be learned?

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