The Victims of Communism with Dan Boeckner

The Victims of Communism with Dan Boeckner

Today, we learn about all the people.. communism "victimized"
Editor’s note:  I wish to do this episode justice because not merely because it is a monument that glorifies the worst the world has to offer.  Not merely because, despite the empty phrase-mongering of “Never Again”,  this monument glorifies people who perpetuated the worst of the holocaust.  In fact, some of the people for whom there are monuments in the “tribute to liberty” were so brutal that members of the Gestapo wrote to Himmler telling him how horrified they were.  None of this should have happened.   

The real horror hit me after I used Yandex to do a Russian-language name search of Roman Shukheyvich. My roommate heard me scream when I saw the first image of his horror. I cannot post the image because it is too horrific, but I will post a monument to the victims of this horror.

No one should have been able to raise enough of a lobby to get the government of Canada to fund the “Tribute to Liberty” and after the truth came out, they should not have been able to, so brazenly, in public raise enough money to build the memorial anyways.

Thanks to my adhd, where I am extremely bad at estimating the time it takes to do certain tasks such as build a guide to all those who are memorialized in the Tribute to Liberty monument, the release of this episode kept on getting delayed.

I finally realized that the reason why Canadians “ignorantly” commemorated complete monsters is because most westerners aren’t taught about World War 2 in its fullest.

There is a logical reason why any capitalist, imperialist country would not want to teach their people about the economics of fascism.

The Economy of Evil
They say little if anything about the class policies of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. How did these regimes deal with social services, taxes, business, and the conditions of labor? For whose benefit and at whose expense? -Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds…
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Coupled with this ignorance of the economics of fascism, in order to make the west’s actions seem justifiable in the cold war, the eastern campaign is fully ignored. Now, people will never be able to draw the obvious connection between “anti-communist exiles” and “pro-democracy dissidents” and genocidal Nazis.

However, there are a lot of bricks in this monument and it cannot be all accomplished in a day. However, I believe these bricks do tell us a lot about the US, Canada, and their actions in the past 100 years and who they consider allies and why.

The month of December will be dedicated to exposing the true nature of as many brings and monuments as possible with our “Featured Victims of Communism”

Victim of Communism:Roman Shukhevych
For every brick, we shall bring their story in this special December Series called “Featured Victims of Communism” What they said: In memory of General Roman Shukhevych (1907 – 1950) who, in 1943, formed and led the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought to rid Ukraine of enslavement from Soviet communist rule. Shukhevych died in b…
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Show notes

00:45 - Dan introduces himself and explains how he became involved in Canadian politics.

02:00 - Dan talks about his rock band

04:00 - Dan and Esha discuss all the wild accusations on twitter about being funded by “Putin/Assad” (we wish).

5:39 - Chrystia Freeland

Michael Chomiak, her grandfather with the Nazi bigwigs
Фронтиспис «Краковских вестей»
Краковские вести: A gazete managed by her grandfather.

7:00 - The Newspapers role in enticing Young Ukrainians to join the Waffen SS.

Confirming in two languages that M. Chomiak was the editor of this newspaper

Click here for a scanned copy of the newspaper. The original language is Ukrainian.

9:00 - Who were the Waffen SS Galicia?

10:00 - Himmler gets a letter from Wehrmacht Leiutenent about the cruelty of the OUN and UPA

12:00 - How did the member of the Waffen SS end up in Canada?

14:00 - On going Captive nations propaganda and world tour to rehabilitate fascists. Captive Nations week and annual fascist

22:00 - ‘Tribute To Liberty’ Monument

28:00 - The Edmontun Hate Crimes

35:00 - Why did David Frum fund this monument?

45:00 - We go through some of the more offensive bricks.

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