The Rising Sons of Japan with Tim Shorrock

The Rising Sons of Japan with Tim Shorrock

The History of Japan since World War 2.

Today, on our podcast, The Rising Sons of Japan with Tim Shorrock.

Summary of Podcast Episode

Since the murder of former prime minister Shinzo Abe, there has been many hagiographies that distort his historical role and his rise to power, in the process of doing so, they also end up distorting the history of post war Japan.

Today, we have Tim Shorrock, self described “Writer, guitar player, author (SPIES FOR HIRE). Working on investigative memoir of US intervention in Korea & Japan after WWII.”

Tim Shorrock has previously published article in He has written articles for several magazines, including Harper's, Mother Jones, The Nation, and Salon. He also appeared on a previous episode of historicly to talk about COIN

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Show Notes for the Podcast Episode -

0:45 - Unconditional Surrender

2:23 - US had complete control of the occupation. For the first few years, they forbade fascists and the working class flourished.

6:09 - The Corporate Empire strikes back

10:09 - Start of US Military Buildup in Japan

13:00 - Korean War as a boon for industrialists in both US and Japan

19:19 - Shinzo Abe’s Grandfather, class A War Criminal

21:00 - Japan’s One Party rule The Liberal Democratic Party

22:17 - Secret Treaties with US

23:24 - Protest so Massive, they could not guarantee Eisenhower’s Safety

26:00 - Article 9, why Neocons and Class A War Criminals Hate it.

34:00 - Japanese investments in Occupied Korea

35:00 - Power of US military in Japan

40:51 - Okinawa

48:00 - Nixon, Japan, Taiwan and China.

You can find Tim Shorrock on twitter.

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