The Rise of the Fourth Reich with Stanislav Thomas

The Rise of the Fourth Reich with Stanislav Thomas

A Jewish Lithuanian Dissident speaks about his struggles

A few weeks ago, there was a ruckus around the world (mostly with the western press) when Belarus arrested a “dissident” Roman Protasevich. The US/EU was the first to concern troll about “freedom” and “human rights” when all purposes, he had participated in a fascist militia in Ukraine.

However, in neighboring Lithuania, something much more sinister is going on. The entire country is controlled by a single family (Landbergis). They have been creating a myth of Lithuanian history that does not exist and part of this includes glorifying Nazis such as General Jonas Norieka.

Today, Stanislav Thomas, a Jewish Lithuanian attorney, who has been litigating human rights cases since 2002 in the EU and the Un. He has been persecuted for breaking the statue of General Jonas Norieka speaks to us about the history of Lithuania and his plight.

We talk about the US aid to Lithuania, the Lavajato type coups against

Show Notes

1:58 - Stanislav speaks about how he defends human rights cases

8:08 - The Fall of the USSR and the Shock Doctrine in Lithuania

11:37 - Landbergis Family Cartel and how they looted Lithuania

17:45 - No Free Press in Lithuania

23:45 - Lavajato .. Lithuanian Version

25:00 - World War 2 in Lithuania

30:00 - Who is General Storm?

36:21 - Holocaust profiteers and what happened to them

44:19 - Nazi Glorification in Lithuania

52:00 - The Lithuanian Maidan (a situation very similar to what happened in Ukraine in 2014).. who was behind it?

58:00 - Anti-semitism in Lithuania

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