The Market Fetish - Part 4 with Asad Zaman

The Market Fetish - Part 4 with Asad Zaman

Jeff Epstein Interviews Asad Zaman on capitalism and Free markets and the end of the road

Editor’s note: Apologies for the delay. I had a seizure and I was in the hospital. During the seizure I also broke my nose. We will resume with our regular weekly content. We also plan on including some bonus content for the weeks we missed. We apologize.

And now, let's get right back to my conversation with Asad Zaman. Enjoy.

Audio chapters

  • 4:11 - Mercantilism

  • 8:10 - Fascism is not something in and of itself, rather it's something to fill in the vacuum left by the wreckage of the self-regulating market

  • 10:58 - The ideology and religion of greed

  • 12:22 - Jane Austen- The poorest AMONG THE ARISTOCRACY (the movie Ever After)

  • 15:43 - The importance of history to the study of economics.

  • 22:28 - Those who benefit most from of capitalism want us to focus on the imaginary, not history.

  • 24:08 - Entanglement- The methodology of Polanyi (history shapes our ideas which shapes history)

  • 29:17 - "Government is bad", but the self-regulating market requires even more government to suppress the protestations of those suffering at the hand of the self-regulating market

  • 34:47 - Average people serve as gatekeepers for the exploiters (protecting privilege)

  • 39:21 - What do I tell my kids?

  • 48:43 - Goodbyes

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