The History of Humanity with Christopher Knight

The History of Humanity with Christopher Knight

Learn the history of what makes us human.

Today, we have anthropologist Chris Knight here to talk to us about his book Blood Relations and also more importantly, teach us about the history of what makes us Human.

0:50 - Anthropology is a study of what it means to be human.

1:50 - Human ability to “look into the eyes”

3:00 - Minds vs Brains

4:00 - Are they asking the wrong question?

6:29 - Humans are the babysitting ape!

10:00 - Grandmother Hypothesis and Menopause

11:43 - Anthropology was colonialism in disguise

13:11 - The Human Revolution

14:30 - Language: The Great Leap Forward

16:50 - “Everything that defines us as human is an African invention”

18:00 - The first art is cosmetics

21:20 - Deconstructing Chomsky’s theory of language

28:00 - Communal meat eating

29:00 - The sex strike

38:00 - Synching Menstruation

40:00 - The Moon, the Lion and Love

50:00 - Cooking allowed for bigger brains

52:00 - Blood Taboos

57:00 - The Dark Moon and Songs

1:00:00 - Rainbow Snake

1:11:00 - Comprehension and Power

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