The History of American Christian Nationalism with Sam Haselby

The History of American Christian Nationalism with Sam Haselby

What caused Christian Nationalism and the New England Connection

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Our show focuses on decolonial history but how did the early colonizers get ordinary people to colonize various lands? Today, we have Sam Haselby here to discuss the history of American Nationalism, the Christian Doctrine and finally he makes his case about why Ivy League’s should be abolished.

4:16 - The history of religion in the USA vs Europe

8:51 - Debunking the myth of the Puritans vs reality

10:32 - American Bible Society, Propaganda and colonization

11:00 - The Yale University Connection with Nationalism

16:28 - Timothy Dwight: The President of Yale and Christian Nationalism

25:00 - Constitutional Delusions of the American people

30:30 - Sam discusses his theory on the Constitution being a sacred text

33:40 - The Fight for Power between the capitalists and the planters in Early America

37:16 - “Brahman capitalism” and the connection with the capitalists of London

39:15 - Commodity insurance and the shipping industry

41:04 - How the Early American protestants were anti-catholic

46:04 - The Large Anti-Mission movement in the USA

51:00 - Understanding the Andrew Jackson Presidency in that light

54:00 - the Real Cause of the Civil War

Sam Haselby’s book “The Origins of American Religious Nationalism” is available on Amazon

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