The Frankenstein Currency: Euro with Miguel Arjona Sanchez

The Frankenstein Currency: Euro with Miguel Arjona Sanchez

Do you know the dark side of the Euro? Learn about it his.

Editor’s note: We apologize for the lateness of this interview. This months, one of us had extensive health issues and another had a very urgent personal issue that had to be dealt with. We sincerely apologize, and we add extra episodes in the upcoming months.

Today, we have Miguel Arjona Sanchez, Professor of Constitutional Law, join us for the second time to discuss the true history of the Euro and all the problems that stem with it.

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Show Notes

1:00 - 2:35 What is money. Miguel describes society’s relationships to money.

2:35 - 5:55 What happened when Spain went to the Euro. How the Euro (Gold Standard)  hurts some of the countries more than others.

5:55 - 7:20 Iberian Union - would have been a union between Spain and Portugal

7:20 - 9:20 How Portugal got integrated into the EU.

9:20 - 15:25 Notional inequality of the EU and how the created a “Frankenstein Currency”

15:25 - 18:00 The EU is not a democracy. The union is suppose to be a temporary stop but people in power are comfortable so the future is not clear.

18:00 - 18:35 The EU is transforming Europe into America/Destroying European model

18:35 - 22:20 Why are the cracks in the EU (Poland and Hungary) happening?

22:20 - 23:45 Greek Debt Crisis

23:45 - 24:45 US view of the Euro

24:45 - 26:20 Spain’s economy after 2009

26:20 - 27:30 How healthcare changed in Spain under the EU.

27:30 - 29:00 Germany’s economy issues under EU.

29:00 - 31:05 Austerity policies were issued to try to “pay the debt”.

31:05 - 32:45 France’s Military Complex helps their economy in the EU.

33:15 - 35:40 How China’s Belt Road Initiative will hit the EU (predictions).

35:40 - 36:50 The EU is more concerned with relations with Russia and how Americas

actions and sanctions will play out on them.

36:50 - 38:05 Southern Europe has its own issues.

38:05 - 38:45 Is there a better way possible?

38:45 - 40:00 Scarcity policies - EU repeating what happened to the Weimar Republic.

40:00 - 44:00 Capitalism, the Western Elites and WW2

44:00 - 45:35 The need to stop socialism/communism for the capitalists.

45:35 - 47:15 Need to move away from capitalism to socialism.

47:15 - 48:50 American economy and how liberalism and socialism could work together.

48:50 - 53:50 Why is there a far-right resurgence in Spain? 

53:50 - 54:30 Spain’s economy of tourism.

54:30 - 55:46 Miguel talks about his projects on the Euro and the Job Guarantee in Europe and Financial Globalization.

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