The Critical Academic World War with Gabrielle Rockhill

The Critical Academic World War with Gabrielle Rockhill

There is a world war among professors, intellectuals and researchers in Social Sciences. You just don't know about it.

Critical theory as it's been canonized within the Western Academy, is a tradition that comes out of a group of thinkers affiliated with what's called the Frankfurt School. It purported to offer a kind of radical critique of capitalism, consumer society and issues of contemporary society and how they are controlled. However, once again proving Gramsci true, instead, the Frankfurt School has been blunted by its funding sources, used by the CIA and in the end, while prevasive in Western academia, offers no real study on “how the world works” and of course, it critiques Actually Existing Socialism (AES) more than it critiques capitalist or even fascist regimes. On top of it, it has a very reactionary bend to it. Today, Gabrielle Rockhill, philosopher and critique of critical Theory joins us to talk to us about what’s wrong with Western Academia.

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Show Notes

1:38 - What is critical theory?

3:55 - Critical and revolutionary for the reinvention of the critique in the age of idealogical realignment

4:15 - Theory in the Marxist Sense vs Theory in the Liberal Sense

7:45 - Divorcing Critical Theory from Political Action

9:49 - Tiktok

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From a political science standpoint, Cuba's lack of democracy is not up for debate. Here is the country's score on two different global democracy-authoritarianism rankings: https://t.co/HX6GMNC9cU

11:42 - Political Science for Imperialism

13:51 - The Parcelization of Academia in the West

15:00 - Common sense assumptions without Proofs

22:13 - Frankfurt School at Inception

27:44 - The Foundations, Corporations and the Institute for Social Research

34:55 - Infiltration of Unions

41:47: Anything But Socialism

43:00 - Esha uses the opening to rail on Timothy Snyder and Anne Applebaum

54:23 - The War Propaganda and Academia

1:02:00 - Marxism in the West

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