Oct 23, 2022 • 3HR 17M

Spring is in the Air with Brian Mier of BrasilWire

A look at the judicial coup against Lula Da Silva

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We have come a full circle. When we first started our podcast back in 2018, Lula was in prison because of a judicial coup called “Lavajato.” Bolsonaro was the leading candidate. We were trying to understand the coup effort sponsored by the US state department against Lula De Silva.

Before he went to prison, Lula gave a very inspiring speech, where he said “ The elites can kill one rose, two roses, or a hundred roses, but they cannot stop the arrival of spring and ours is a fight for spring.”

Four years later, it looks like spring is in the air and to understand what happened, we are doing a special super episode, where we go through all our interviews with Brian Mier from BrasilWire where we talk about the judicial coup from start to finish.

This super episode is based on three earlier episodes:

Dirty Hands at the Carwash with Brian Mier
Listen now (56 min) | Operation Carwash has been lauded as one of the best anti-corruption investigations. It has gained praise, even from those on the left. However, Operation Carwash is not as it sounds. Instead of exposing corruption, it has been used to target a pro-worker, anti-us business interest party. The judge who oversaw Operation Carwash is now the Justice Minist…
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Judge, Jury & Executioner with Brian Mier
Listen now (50 min) | Last year, we covered the evil judicial coup engineered by the think tanks at Washington and Wallstreet against Lula Da Silva, thereby ensuring a Bolosnaro victory. However, new allegations have come out about the Judge Sergio Moro in these leaked documents. He was more than an impartial judge. He was actively collaborating with the prosecution to t…
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A Gift from the CIA with Brian Mier
Listen now (79 min) | Today, Brain Mier join from Brasil Wire joins us to discuss the topic of Lavajato, Jair Bolsonaro, Lula Da Silva and Brazil. If you have not already listened to it, please listen to our previous episodes with Brian Mier: Getting your Hands Dirty in the Car Wash…
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