Sins of the Father with Kit Klarenberg

Sins of the Father with Kit Klarenberg

CIA's obsession with mind-control and interrogation meant they experimented on children.

During the cold war, the CIA was obsessed with mind-control. There vision was creating a something like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica. And so, they began a division called the MK-ULTRA, within MK-ULTRA, they conducted many gruesome experiments on human beings around the world. Some of it came to light during the church hearings. Some of it came to light because of diligent researchers who use the freedom of information act, and others through leaks. We still don’t know the breadth and depth of the project. But, Kit Klarenberg discovered two of the most gruesome projects: one in Denmark and the other in West Germany.

In Denmark, they took young orphans and subjected them to torture-like tactics to see how they would react.

In West Germany, the project was much darker and much more cruel. Doctor Helmut Kentler thought it would be a good idea to put orphans under the care of pedophiles and this project went on for nearly 30 years.


1:20 - Introductions: Why primary government sources are important and Kit’s research methodology.

4:41 - Background on two CIA projects MK-Ultra and QK-Hilltop which was to study mindcontrol.

6:12 - CIA inspector General’s Report

6:53 - “People who couldn’t fight back” - The Danish Study

This was the 11-year old child that was shown nude on the cover of Der Spiegel

9:12 - 50 years later at an American film Festival: Three identical Strangers

11:33 - Shredding documents

13:00 - KUBARK Manual

15:00 - Sydney Gottlieb

18:12 - CIA quest for Cylons

20:00 - MKULTRA cited purpose vs true purpose

24:15 - What is the missing information that we can never know?

27:13 - The Wrong Germany Won

A Rampart of Civilization Against The West
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29:04 - Helmut Kentler and the Orphan experiments

Germany pedophilia scandal
Helmut Kentler also wrote a manual for parents on raising children

36:43 - The Green Party Involvement

Past Pedophile Links Haunt German Green Party - DER SPIEGEL

40:00 - Fritz H.

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46:34 - Psuedoscience about Fascism and Sexual Liberation

51:00 - Next Investigations

Kit Klarenberg is a journalist and he can be found on twitter.

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