Russia and Beyond with Alexander Buzgalin

Russia and Beyond with Alexander Buzgalin

What is going on with the war?

In today’s episode we have Alexander Buzgalin from the Moscow State University to talk to us about the history of Russia, Ukraine and the economic implications of this war.

We apologize for the delay, I am currently in Russia reporting about the war in Donbass, and our internet connection has been spotty. We have worked out the kinks, and we will be back to our regular schedule. We apologize for the delay.

Show notes:

1:22 - Poland-Russian War from 1650

6:58 - The Russian Revolution

10:58 - Donbass, the heart of Russia

An old Soviet poster from 1926

14:05 - The Truth about World War 2 - Europe vs Soviet Union

18:02 - General Plan Ost

23:02. - The Break up of the Soviet Union

27:02 - Rehabilitation of Banderites

31:20 - Two stages of Reform in Ukraine

39:20 - 2008 and Ukraine

46:50 - Maidan

55:56 - Punishing Russia for…

"Of course for United States and NATO, this is terrible challenge and they must punish or so-called punish Russia. And to show to everybody, you must be our slaves or you will be punished or you are punished with Russi

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