Our Neighbors to the North with Aidan Jonah

Our Neighbors to the North with Aidan Jonah

Aidan Jonah talks to us about Canada and its foreign policy legacy.

It is time to shatter the myth that Canada is more progressive than the US. For the most part, Canada and US behave more like partners in crime. Especially, in the foreign policy realm, they both alternate playing good cop and bad cop. Today, Aidan Jonah from The Canada Files joins us to talk about the interaction between Canada and US on imperialism and foreign policy.

Show Notes

4:00 - Canada - How is Canada more progressive? How is it 100% aligned with US foreign policy.

5:19 - Canada’s diplomatic support to America’s Coup-Mongering

6:00 - Creation of Canada’s own NED

8:30 - Canada’s Fund for Global Initiatives and Global Affairs Canada

10:00 - Canada’s Official Diplomatic Group Openly Funding Oppositions

14:00 - Does Canada’s Foreign Policy Change regardless of Who is in Charge?

16:40 - Canada’s role against Evo Morales

19:45 - Canada stepping in where USA can’t.

20:00 - The Lima Group: Their functions and Canada’s role within the Lima group

21:00 - Canada lose security council to Norway - Why

28:00 - Skycom and Huawei

30:15 - Canada’s Cold War - Chrystia Freeland and her open support of Ukrainian Fascists

33:00 - Canada’s Tibet Lobby

44:00 - Dark Money Lobbying on Foreign policy

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