Oct 17, 2021 • 1HR 13M

Operation Gladio with Alexander Meh & The Mango Gang - Part 1

We discuss the history of one of the most bizarre operations: Gladio

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Robert Granniss
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Today, in a special episode, the folks at Mango Chat and John from the Discourse Podcast joins us to talk about Operation Gladio.

Show Notes:

0:30 - What is The Discourse Podcast?

3:30 - At least we can convince our moms!

7:00 - Why Operation Gladio shatters people’s world views?

7:28 - How it Began? The 1930s

Reichskonkordant 20 July 1933

9:00 - Clerical Fascism

11:29 - The Dulles Brothers and the Stay behind Network

15:28 - Frank Wisner

17:26 - US Myth vs US reality

24:00 - Debate on Truman’s role in all of this

28:17 - The Cuban Equation (Yes… this is very confusing)

32:00 - Rat Lines

36:00 - The JFK Connection

38:00 - The Dulles Brothers

42:00 - The Long Thread of Dulles Brothers to Cuba to JFK

48:00 - Christ Loses to Communism in Italy

1:04:00 - The Scum of the Earth