Operation Gladio -Part 2

Operation Gladio -Part 2

A better world is possible, but we cannot fix what we don’t know.

In the USA, there is a myth that “America stands for freedom across the world” and in my years of research for this podcast and blog, I have yet to find such an example. I have found many examples where the US fights to preserve capitalism at all cost. Unfortunately, a large portion of the US population has been satiated by the supply of relatively cheap goods into the US and because relatively cheap goods keep coming regularly, they do not have to “think” too much about the state of the world. In fact, it is better for the US government, if most people do not think too much about the state of the world. Because once someone starts thinking, they will investigate and the more people investigate, the less they like.

By design, most Americans do not think about the state of the world. They are relatively happy imbibing these myths that have been fed to them since childhood. But because of the education system, most Americans are trained to question as little as possible. On top of it, because most Americans are paid “just not enough,” they will be working long hours where they won’t have too much time to think. Because of the US cult of “rugged individualism,” most Americans will not be able to fight back when their rights are violated.

Most Americans can’t fight back because you can’t fight what you don’t know. Operation Gladio is one of those unique operations that will disturb anyone. It breaks the myth that the US stands for “Freedom across the world” because the US aligned with the worst of the world (Nazis) to fight Democracy in Italy. Operation Gladio is one of the few very well documented events that even the worst sceptic cannot find “loopholes” to argue why the US was “actually doing the right thing.”

With that, air this second episode with the hope that it will spark even one person’s curiosity to learn more about the state of the world and the “Gangster Nature of the our state” as Michael Parenti would put it.

A better world is possible, but we cannot fix what we don’t know.

Show notes:

1:00 - Italian Partisans and World War 2

2:00 - Tom from Mango Press explains the connection between Gladio and the current situation in Xinjiang

08:13 - Operation Gladio was a blueprint for all the blood and gore that followed in the 21 century

10:41 - This is the interview that is referenced

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15:00 - CIA’s medical experiments

22:00 -Partisans and how they work

26:00 - Communism Victimizing Mussolini

33:00 - The Myth of America

35:58 - Excerpt from a John Pilger documentary about the “Jakarta Method”

37:00 - The train station bombings

40:00 - “Strategy of Tension”

48:00 - The Stay behind Sabotage

50:00 - where can you find old stashed NATO weapons?

52:00 - The Vatican involvement

55:27 - 1978

58:00 - PM Moro and his assasination

1:09:00 - Banco Ambrosia and the Vatican Connection

1:19:00 - Strategy for the stay behind

1:25:00 - What we don’t know

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