Operation Condor with John Dinges

Operation Condor with John Dinges

Kidnapping, killing, torture, repression was all part of Operation Condor

Today, John Dinges joins us for the second time to talk about the Condor years in Chile. Operation Condor was unprecedented in its repression. It involved kidnapping, killing, torture, repression, secret prisons and renditions mostly to protect repressive regimes like those of Pinochet.

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The Other 9/11 with John Dinges
Listen now (64 min) | Learn about the other 9/11. On September 11, 1973, Pinochet came to power, mostly through the support and backing of the US and wrecked havoc on Chile. Thousands were murdered, many more were disappeared. Even today, one cannot walk through the desert in Chile without excavating more grave sites…
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Show Notes

2:18 - The English edition is coming out

6:10 - Operation Condor

8:23 - Uruguay hit list Edward Koch (former Mayor)

12:37 - How did they coordinate other agencies?

15:50 - General Carlos Prats

18:22 - Who killed Carlos Prats and Letilier?

Michael Townley

19:58 - FBI “solving” the Orlando Letelier

25:27 - Mechanics of Condor

30:30 - Comparisons between US War on Terror and Operation Condor

34:00 - Pinochet in London and his Extradition hearing

38:00 - Pinochet was neutralized as a political force

44:00 - Victims and the lost Generation

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