Morocco: Islam, Pirates and Science with Elijah Fanan

Morocco: Islam, Pirates and Science with Elijah Fanan

We start with recorded history and move from there to learn about the 5000 year rich tradition.

Today, anthropology scholar Elijah Fanan joins us to discuss the rich history of Morocco. A very special episode where we go through over 3000 years of history of a beautiful country.

Show Notes

0:01:11 - The Geography of Morocco

0:02:00 - First Recorded Human life - 300,000 years ago.

0:04:11 - Mitochondrial Eve

0:04:38 - First Sign of Civilization in Morocco

0:05:21 - Amazigh Kingdom of Mauretania - During the Roman Times

0:07:15 - When did Islam Come to Morocco?

0:10:31 - Ibn Khaldoun

0:16:00 - The Fall of the Umayyad Empire

0:17:59:00 - Almoravid Empire

0:20:20- The Red City of Morocco

0:23:48 - Almohad Caliphate: The first non-Arab Caliphate

0:26:10 - The Islamic Golden Age

0:26:29 - The First University - Fatima Al Fihri

0:28:15 - The Koran and the Scientific Method

0:29:00 - The Alaween Dynasty in Morocco and how they kept power for over 500+ years

0:32:00 - The Ottoman Empire

0:34:10 - Sayyida al-Hurra - The Female Pirate of North Africa

Sayyida al-Hurra

0:36:10 - Esha approve of Robbing of Colonizers.

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0:36:53 - Pirates and the Slavetrade

0:38:46 - The First Friendship Treaty with the USA

0:41:49 - World War 1 and Morocco

0:46:17 - Rebellion in Fez

0:47:10 - Rif and the Independence Movement

0:48:11 - The Istiqlal Party

0:50:56 - From Black to Gray

0:55:23 - How the King of Morocco Protected all the Jews During Vichy France

0:57:42 - The Birth of the Marxist Leninist Movement in Morocco

1:00:10 - Operation Gladio (Morocco Edition)

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1:06:27 - The Arab Spring in Morocco

1:07:04 -Belt and Road Initiative and China in Morocco

1:10:54 - Western Sahara

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