Life in Ramallah with David Osit

Life in Ramallah with David Osit

Today, David Osit, filmmaker and director of the movie "Mayor” joins us, to talk about the Mayor of Ramallah and all the challenges for life under the occupation. Today, we also have John from Discourse Podcast join us as a guest host.

The film is available on Virtual Cinema

Show Notes

2:00 - How Ramallah Changed

4:00 - Limitations on the Mayor’s Job

5:01 - City Branding and What it means

7:35 - Municipal Services and the Challenges under Occupation

10:58 - Christmas in Ramallah

11:32 - Connecting with Mussa

13:45 - Meeting with The Prime Minister Abbas

16:24 - Schooling and Universities in Ramallah

18:37 - Daily indignities in Ramallah

“It took them 15 years to get a permit to build a cemetery”

21:03 - American conversation about tone vs conversation in Palestine

24:12 - Repeated oppression in Palestine and the Raid

26:01 - Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy and how it worked in Ramallah

29:13 - What is within Mussa’s power to control?

33:00 - Settlers’ leave their mark

39:10 - How Israel breaks the Oslo agreement

43:15 - Surprising issues in Ramallah

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