Good piece, amazing how the mistreatment and degradation of labor gets ignored and diminished by all, right/left, black, white, green, blue u name it. The nature of capitalism, whether in poverty or prosperity, is to drive wages to subsistence levels.

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Wow. Thank you, Esha, for reprinting this piece. The writing is so strong & simple & real -- you can see that mine, that crowded courtroom.

It occurs to me that simply reprinting a shitload of these old Communist articles from the '30s and '40s would go a long way to clarifying for Americans just what an effective labour movement and political movement is all about.

I was very impressed with a podcast of yours I heard just today, an interview with Alexandr Buzgalin, where he said this problem -- of even visualizing, let alone enacting, a viable Left is a problem not just in the USA or Canada (my own home country), not even just in the UK, Germany or Italy (where I live), but even in the east of Europe, where people resent and resist in small ways the attacks from the demagogic Right, but still can't pull together into an effective movement for fundamental social change

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Thank you! I will try my best.

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