John Wayne, Rambo, Rolling Stones and Cointel pro with Robert Skvarla

John Wayne, Rambo, Rolling Stones and Cointel pro with Robert Skvarla

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Robert Skavrla, the assistant editor of Diabolique Magazine joins to to discuss his findings about the FBI initiative known as Cointel pro, and we get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

0:48 - Robert Skvarla how he got involved in this project

2:12 - Diabolique Magazine and Movies

2:36 - John Wayne and his fascists.

3:45 - The John Wayne Conspiracy

5:04 - The Ronald Reagan Connection

6:30 - What is Cointel Pro?

7:30 - Opposition to Civil right’s movement

40% of Klan members were federal agents or federal informants

12:31 - FBI Astroturfing “leftist magazines”

13:00 - FBI’s publicity campaign against Student Protest Movement

17:50 - The Strange history of Rolling Stones Magazine

19:00 - FBI doxing people: When you don’t need a state actor to get threathen lives.

22:00 - Esha directly asks “why was the FBI so racist”

22:40 - FBI interpreted all change to status quo as “threat to national security”

26:00 - The Rambo Connection

30:00 - How the FBI got people fired from their jobs for.... protests about school lunches

31:00 - FBI and the Weatherman underground

33:00 - Why the FBI wanted to push weather underground

39:00 - The Ceasar Chavez Assasination attempt

42:00 - Driving a Journalist Crazy

46:00 - Winds of Change and how the CIA wrote it.

50:00 - Privatized Surveillance

53:00 - How do you keep sane?

55:00 - FBI and use of Violence

56:00 - How did they destroy the Black Panthers?

57:00 - The Post Office’s own Police

1:00:00 - The Secret Place to Find many good leftist books that maybe out of print (FBI reading room)

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