JFK and the Gangster Nature of our State with Max Good

JFK and the Gangster Nature of our State with Max Good

Max Good refers to

With the release of a new cache of documents, there has been a renewed interest amongst the American Public on the truth behind the JFK assassination. Today, we interview film director JFK Assassination and Mrs. Paine, where he painstakingly, over a few years interviews a key witness in the Kennedy Assassination Ruth Paine.

0:00:45 - Introductions and how Max Good funded his film

0:02:55 - Michael Parenti’s Lecture Gangster Nature of our State

0:03:26 - Who is Ruth Paine?

0:04:55 - Lee Harvey Oswald and the Single Bullet Theory

0:07:10 - How Ruth Paine Become Acquainted from Marina Oswald?

0:07:46 - White Russians and White Terror

0:10:02 - George DeMohrenSchildt

0:11:10 - Fairplay for Cuba and Lee Harvey Oswald

0:14:24 - DeMohrenSchildt’s Mysterious suicide

0:15:00 - Oswald’s Weapon and Ruth Paine’s house

0:20:37 - Ruth Paine and the Warren Commission

0:22:12 - Jack Ruby and the Oswald Murder

0:26:26 - Ruth Paine’s Connection with Allen Dulles

0:28:29 - JFK, Bay of Pigs and the CIA

0:30:30 - The Role of the Secret Service during the Kennedy Assasination

0:31:33 - Vincent Salandria and the JFK Investigation

40:00 - The Gangster Nature of our State

44:12 - Conspiracy Theory and Class Power

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