Islam with Chinese Characteristics with Temur

Islam with Chinese Characteristics with Temur

A 800 year old history of the Hui Muslims

Today, we are joined by Temur, from Baiju Billa Bong podcast, to tell us about the history of Hui Muslims from the time of Genghis Khan to today. We talk about a little of everything that affects the Hui community in China.

1:24 - Double the discrimination in Australia.

4:00 - Hui Muslims descend from Arab, Persian or Turkish traders

5:32 - Traders from Afghanistan

6:36 - The Rebellion against the Yuan Dynasty (Kublai Khan)

7:00 - The First Ming Emperor and Temur’s Ancestor, the rebellion

9:50 - Exile to Manchuria

14:00 - Xinjiang and Turkic Muslims during the 1500s

17:00 - Hui and Uighur relations during the Qing dynasty

Temur’s family was in this region during the Manchu dynasty

The Entrance of the South Mosque in Shenyang

21:22 - Transition between Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty

23:00 - Islam with Chinese characteristics

24:00 - Walls and gates …

26:00 - Gulen and his creepy

30:00 - Korean Muslims who are related to Hui

34:00 - Hui muslims “adopting” Han children during the 19th century famine.

36:00 - Boxer Rebellion and the Hui Army

37:00 - Temur’s family under Japanese occupation

39:00 - Unit 731 in Manchu area

40:00 - Cultural Revolution

45:00 - The First CIA-sponsored regime-change operation in 1950s

48:00 - Understanding western propaganda

51:00 - Olympics time bombing

1:03 - Pedophile English teachers in Asia

1:06 - India vs China … where India went wrong - TLDR. not enough authoritarianism

1:16 - Imported Tech bro culture

1:25 - The Ramen Noodle Cartel

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