History of Godlessness from Robert G. Ingersoll to Sam Harris with Justin Clark

History of Godlessness from Robert G. Ingersoll to Sam Harris with Justin Clark


The conservatives complain about godlessness, reactionaries think god punishes America for its godlessness, progressives think that America is too religious. But, wherever one might be on the spectrum, they each are unhappy about how religion manifests itself in America.

Today, we have Justin Clark from Red Reviews Podcast here to talk about the history of Atheism, secularism and other types of godlessness in America. He also talks about the cult of Reason and all the other problems associated with the Godless.

5:46 - Who is Robert Ingersoll?

10:04 - Eugene Debs relationship with Robert Ingersoll

12:40 - How Robert Ingersoll Helped Eugene Debs in the Pullman Strike

13:00 - Robert Ingersoll’s Politics

20:00 - Justin’s Critique of the Secular Movement

23:31 - Atheism’s Golden Age from 2004-2016

26:00 - Why Esha thinks New Atheism always represented racism

28:00 - Sam Harris’s Golden Girls’ Trust Fund

Statistician William Briggs Explains the Fraud of Sam Harris’ PHD

30:00 - The Good and Bad of Christopher Hitchens

The trial of Henry Kissinger

35:00 - Justin on Why he left the Cult of Reason

40:42 - Biological Determinism and its connection to Cult of Reason

42:00 - The Bell Curve as an Example of Biological Determinism

47:00 - Bell Curve and its affect on Policy during the Clinton Years

48:00 - The Cult of Stefan Molyneux

51:52 - Beware of Scientism

53:00 - Skeptical Inquirer Pedaling Overpopulation Myths

59:00 - Skeptics not so skeptical of National Security Narratives

1:07:00 - Verifying Historical Narratives using Primary Sources

1:17:00 - Changing Narratives and Peppery Dishes by Trotsky

1:19:00 - Lew Wallace, the author of Ben Hur and his fiction about Robert Ingersoll

1:28:00 - Seven Years in Tibet and the convenient lie

Alpine club examines historical ties to Nazis | Germany | News and in-depth  reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 02.09.2012
Heinrich Harrer, the guy next to Hitler.

1:35:00 - Justin’s next project regarding Eugene Debs and the Soviet Union

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