Higher Immorality with Aaron Good

Higher Immorality with Aaron Good

What is the American Exception that has animated over 100 years of US Foreign Policy?

Today, we have Author Aaron Good, join us to talk about the driving force behind the US foreign policy for the past 100 years. He talks about who the actors are, what actually occurs and what the end result is, in this extremely informative interview.

0:00:49 - Aaron Good’s transition from working on the Obama Campaign to writing the book “American Exception”

0:03:36 - The impact of JFK and the unspeakable

0:04:41 - The US Empire being a mass criminal enterprise

0:05:31 - Political Scientist with a skewed “Democracy Scale”

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From a political science standpoint, Cuba's lack of democracy is not up for debate. Here is the country's score on two different global democracy-authoritarianism rankings: https://t.co/HX6GMNC9cU

0:05:59 - Hegemony

0:06:29 - US Hegemony

07:26:15 - Deep Politics

09:36:01 - Parapolitics

10:56:31 - Management of Savagery

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11:23:23 - Putin’s Observation about lack of change in US policy across Presidents

15:04 - Pax American Speech

17:42 - The Nixon Ouster in a Different Light

18:32 - “Every President since Reagan has basically been Reagan”

19:27 - National Security State operates on a permanent state of exception

21:11 - “Rules-Based International Order”

22:19 - Propaganda and the National Security State

26:03 - What is the “East India Company Point of View”?

30:50- What is Higher Immorality?

31:55 - Conundrum of Human Civilization

The State Department Leak on Afghanistan

Thread on Morales

39:56 - Concept of Permanent War

42:12 - Aerospace crisis

45:00 - The Dollar Gap

47:37 - Who Killed JFK?

51:00 - A Brief History of Every US War Since then

59:00 - the Trump Card for the Dollar Hegemony

Aaron Good's Book: American Exception

You can find Aaron Good on Twitter

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