Gangster's Paradise: Part 2 with Sangar Paykhar

Gangster's Paradise: Part 2 with Sangar Paykhar

Learning more about the outrageous history of the US occupation in Afghanistan

This is a two-part interview. Please check out part 1.

US Occupation

0:40 - Afghanistan Literacy Rate after 20 years of US occupation

4:00 - Sangkar blows the whistle on US corruption

11:35 - Warlord Central

  1. One of the most outrageous cases in regards to the power of the warlords in Afghanistan

  2. US-trained police and the outrageous case of child rape

18:35 - Ashraf Ghani

22:00 - Warlords and Neopotism

30:00 - Ashraf Ghani’s alliance with Dostum

The outrageous conduct of his VP

32:00 - Dostum’s Ethnic Cleansing with US Blessing

40:00 - What is to be Done in Afghanistan?

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