Sep 18, 2021 • 56M

Gangster's Paradise: History of Afghanistan from 1973- now with Sangar Paykhar Part 1

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The US media seems suddenly concerned about all the women in Afghanistan right now. However, life has been hell for women in Afghanistan for the past thirty years, but most American media outlets did not deem it important enough to cover. Today, we have Sangar Paykhar from the Afghan Eye here to explain the history of the past thirty years of Afghanistan and what an economy filled with warlords looks like.

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0:46 - Sangar explains how he began the independent media outlet the Afghan Eye

5:13 - The history of Afghanistan from 1973-1992

9:26 - The origins of the Mujahideen

12:55 - The collapse of the 1992 Government

14:01 - The Destruction of Kabul in 1992

18:08 - How bad was it to have warlords in charge?

20:00 - Who are the Taliban?

28:25 - Life under Warlord rule

30:00 - How did the Taliban defeat the Warlords?

33:01- Who is Hamid Karzai?

39:05 - The Bonn Conference in 2001 where the warlords were put in charge

44:00 - How many warlords do you need in your cabinet?

49:00 - The Other Warlords - Ahmed Shah Massoud’s failson

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