Aug 6, 2018 • 47M

Fake News, Fake Investigations, Fake Enemies and Real War

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Shortly after the two towers collapsed, President Bush gave his infamous speech. He stated," freedom itself is under attack." But, it was neither Al Qaeda nor the Taliban who were attacking our freedom. It was the administration itself. First, they rushed to declare war in Afghanistan, soon after the Patriot act was passed, giving the FBI unlimited spying powers. The administration's instructed the FBI to find as many terrorists, whether they were real or not. To meet their goal, the FBI's practices changed. Instead of catching terrorists, they started to invent terrorists.

Coleen Rowley joins us to discuss how the administration was able to give themselves powers far exceeding the constitution. Robert Mueller who was the head of the FBI, who is now a hero among #TheResistance, steered the post 9-11 roundup of Muslims in New York, where nearly 1000 innocent Muslims were falsely arrested. He also ordered unprecedented infiltration within ordinary leftists groups like Green Peace and PETA. Ms. Rowley reminds us of recent history that most of the news media has forgotten.

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