Bill Gates and the Eugenics Project with Bobby Rajesh Malhotra

Bill Gates and the Eugenics Project with Bobby Rajesh Malhotra

Philanthropy is not all that philanthropic.

Bill Gates has a curated reputation of being a philanthropist who helps many people in the third world countries. However, not all is as good as it seems. Today, we have Bobby Malhotra join us to talk about the extremely disturbing implications of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Show Notes:

1:00 - Bobby introduces himself

5:36 - Bill Gates motives are not that philanthropic.

5:55 - “The idea of philanthropy is an outdated model and not an honest model.”

7:28 - History of overpopulation with Malthius and Galton

Running Gag: Bill Gates is an altruistic philanthropist | by Bobby Rajesh Malhotra | Apr, 2021 | Medium

8:21 - “Eugenics is of noble birth. Eugenicists believe not everyone is of equal value. Many of these elites also follow these assumption that those who are not of noble birth are called useless eaters”

9:22 - Eugenics is also racially motivated.

11:00 - IBM’s role in Eugenics:

14:00 - Barcoding human being with IBM with Nazi Germany

16:00 - Bill Gates’ parents and their connection with IBM

18:00 - How Mary Gates Gave Bill Gates the big deal with IBM

20:00 - Anti-trust issues with Microsoft

21:00 - The publicity nightmare with the anti-trust lawsuit and the opportunistic reason for starting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

24:00 - The Foundation was investing in tobacco, oil and weapons company

28:33 - Mutilitation

30:00 - Too many Black People


34:00 - Polio Vaccine scandal where 500,000 people who were paralyzed

38:00 - Jeffrey Epstein Connection

40:00 - Bill Gates at the Munich Security Conference and on Pandemics

At the Munich Security Conference in 2017: Bill Gates draws an already very dark picture of the future. He is talking about genetically modified pathogens, bioweapons, population reduction of 30 Million people in one year due to respiratory diseases — Hegelian Dialectic.

43:45 - “Pandemic Scenario” - (to learn more visit)

44:00 - Bill Gates Prior Relationship to Fauci

51:00 - Bill Gates is his own country in the WHO

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