A Historian's Guide to the Galaxy with Sean Johnson

A Historian's Guide to the Galaxy with Sean Johnson

Astronomer Sean Johnson joins us to tell us about the history of the Universe.

We have studied many events in human history, we have delved a little bit into humanity before history, but today, we decided to learn more about time and space itself. Sean Johnson, a professor of Astronomy from the University of Michigan joins us to talk to us about the history of the universe. We answer questions like “How did our solar system form?” and “What is a galaxy?” and how big is the universe? It is the episode that answers questions about Life, Universe and Everything and we end with pet irritants on science fiction movies.

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Show Notes

2:47 - Sean Johnson explains why Astronomy

4:03- What is a Solar System?

5:06 - What came first? Solar System or Galaxy?

7:04 - What is dark matter?

Protoplanetary disc is made of dense gas and dust surrounding a young newly formed star, progenitor for planets

11:07 - The Sun fuses Hydrogen

13:00 - How are exo-planets and how are they discovered?

15:37 - Nasa’s Next Generation Telescope and what can be seen

21:00 - Galaxies and spiral arms.

23:00 - Quasars and Pulsars

28:00 - How do we know the universe is so big?

31:00 - Seeing into the center of the Galaxy

34:00 - Is the universe quiet?

35:00 - Gravitational Waves - Ripples in space-time

43:00 - Neutrinos

49:00 - What do we know what we need for life?

50:00 - Pet Sci-Fi movie fails

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