A Gift from the CIA with Brian Mier

A Gift from the CIA with Brian Mier


Today, Brain Mier join from Brasil Wire joins us to discuss the topic of Lavajato, Jair Bolsonaro, Lula Da Silva and Brazil.

If you have not already listened to it, please listen to our previous episodes with Brian Mier: Getting your Hands Dirty in the Car Wash and Judge, Jury Executioner. In part 3, we hear about the latest updates.

Recently, Lula Da Silva has been cleared of all the charges that impeded his ability to run in the 2018 election that catapulted Jair Bolsonaro into power.

Show Notes

3:00 - What are Us Interests? And why we should oppose those “interests”?

5:00 - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and how it has been a tool of imperialism.

9:30 - A Wikileaks Cable from the State Department about Lavajato

Two large urban centers with proven judicial support for illicit financing cases, in particular Sao Paulo, Campo Grande, or Curitiba, should be selected as the location for this type of training.

10:46 - What is the Washington Consensus?

11:57 - Why did the FCPA Fines Petrobras and not Haliburton?

17:00 - How Lula’s Government cured extreme poverty in Brazil?

19:00 - Esha and Brian talk about the 2003 World Social Forum

21:00 - Time Magazine Person of the Year Sergio Moro

28:20 - Lula’s Trial and how the Judge gave Prosecutor instructions

33:00 - Fernando Hadad and why He could not defeat Bolosnaro

41:00 - Esha needing to do relaxation exercises after hearing about the Obama administration conduct

49:00 - Wondering how this could have been avoided?

53:00 - “Die a hero or live and be a villain?”

60:00 - “Authoritarianism”

70:00 - Advice for journalists and the left.

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