Thank you for this analysis which appears to be quite biased since it is without historical causes of extremists within Croatian nationalists.

-- My whole life I have lived under threat of both ustasha extremists and Yugoslav secret service.

-- When my mother was a seven year old child she went to a street to see what is all the noise -- street protests commemorating Radich brothers' and other Croatian delegates' assassination in Belgrade parliament -- a Serbian policeman on horse brutally hit her by his sword.

But I have a completely different question:

In all of these Covid-19 death statistics there is still a HUGE elephant in a room:

-- China has nearly four (4) time larger population than our beloved country, the US.

-- China reportedly had less than 10,000 virus deaths. We have so far about 700,000 deaths.

If these numbers are even remotely correct, we have almost 600 times higher mortality.

Are we a failed country with incompetence and massive corruption at every level of society? What is happening to us? Who we really are?

China's reported Covid-19 deaths numbers are usually dismissed as "fake" - without any convincing analysis. Here is one attempt by experts, however. Since I am NOT an expert, any competent review of the report below? Many thanks in advance.

The misunderstood—and misrepresented—Zero COVID policy in China --- 13 December 2021

This analysis of China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been submitted as a contribution to the WSWS Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic. The WSWS is respecting a request that the author’s identity not be publicly disclosed.


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